24 Dec

General Myth That People Still Believe about Running

765756756756756-(7)Have you ever been told that running is not good for your body especially your knees and hips area? Do you believe that running is good for your health, legs and lungs? The question is which of these myths are really true? I have listed the most common misbelief of people regarding runners and running.

Stretching before running can increase your performance in running.

His is definitely false. Stretching before running does not affect the runners’ performance by all means. It only helps the muscle to warm up so that it will not be shock during the run. As a matter of fact, excessive stretching can decrease performance because it is mostly related to neuromuscular factors like decreased muscle recruitment, decreased stiffness which results in less elastic energy return during the run.

Runners don’t have to exercise.

Most people believed that runners don’t have to exercise because they gain strength from running and gain muscles at the same time. According to John Martinez, an assistant head doctor for the Ironman World Championships says that, Runners still have to get strong muscles in order to run 26.2 miles. Even if you can run five days a week and finished a marathon, but you don’t have the kind of strength training, then you should improve your performance.

Barefoot running is safer.

We are not living in the caveman’s age and running barefoot is totally ridiculous. Many people got injured while using running shoes but it is because they are using the wrong shoes for their feet. Especially for triathletes, it is important get to know what’s best for your feet and do not run using barefoot because it will cause injury.

Most runners have personal issues.

I am not sure if this statement is true in some ways but people claimed that runners are running away from something bad in their lives like guilt, sadness, depression and the likes. True or not, I still think it is not a bad thing at all since it is a healthy way to cope and overcome the problems. No one is exempted from problems and issues in life; it is only a matter of how you deal with it. Instead of coping it with foods or drugs, I think running is the best choice to release your problems.

You have to run every day to become better runner.

The good thing about running that many people don’t understand is that running can be totally on random schedules. It does not have to be every day in order to be good at it. As long as you are running at least two to three times a week, you will still build your strength and improve gradually.

Runners have to be a recovering addict in order to run.

Yes, it is true that running seems to attract more people who are recovering from addiction however you don’t have to be such in order to bring out your best, in fact regardless of your background, history, gender etc. as long as you are strong-willed and determined person, you can run!

Runners enjoy pain.

The sayings “no pain no gain” is not really applicable to this subject. Running is a passion and it is not something you do out of force. Runners find running a stress relieving activity and pleasurable. They don’t have to be pushed to go outside and run, they just did it because they enjoy doing it. That is why they are called runners because they understand what running is all about and they just love it!

Runners are self-righteous in fitness.

This is again, not true. As I have mentioned above, runner run because it is something they are passionate about. It is like a hobby. People who feel they are fit and healthy because they run has totally no idea the real joy in running.

Only those who have ideal body can be a runner.

It is exactly the opposite. Running is not for the perfect body but running can help you get a perfect body, or at least a better figure. The thing is I don’t have a perfect body like Ian Somerhalder or David Beckham and the baby elephant runs better than me but hey this should not be the excuse of not running. You will miss half of your life if you don’t run.

Eat more bananas to prevent muscle cramps.

Martinez again stated that muscle cramps are simply caused by muscle fatique, not training properly or dehydration. Let’s not blame the innocent bananas for not doing its job. Apparently, bananas have nothing to do with muscle cramps.

Running must be hard or don’t run at all.

“If it doesn’t hurt then you are doing it wrong” is a bad statement for running. Running is not supposed to be hard. If you are tired, slow down and walk while enjoying the view. Most beginners run as far and as hard as they can every day and end up feeling miserable and tired. Running is an art, you need to take time and enjoy every second of it. Hush don’t rush!

Running is the friendliest exercise for all ages. There are no rules in running as long as you got the determination and commitment then you are good to go!