5 Jan

6 Ways to Change Your Weight without Changing the Foods You Eat

Fotolia_60441222_Subscription_XXLRegardless of whether you want to lose weight or not, eating at the right time is the ideal way of weight loss and it is important, too. According to dietician Jaime Mass, R.D., president of Jaime Mass Nutritionals, many people believed that eating less is equals to losing weight. But the thing is, it does not work that way and will never will.

When you eat, you need to consider many different factors that cause weight gain such as the blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, metabolism hormones etc. Not all people who are watching what they eat can respond to weight loss like the others. However, in order to lose weight successively, you must ready to make a change in your mind and determine to lose weight. Weight loss is not a magical thing where it only happens in a blink of an eye. Ask yourself if you are willing to go a long way in order to lose weight or else you will just end up giving up and disappointed, some even gained weight twice their old weight. These are the question you need to ask yourself:

  • What makes you motivated?
  • What obstacles you will have to overcome?
  • Are you going to make up excuses?
  • What hinders you to lose weight in the past?

Losing weight is more than just about foods. You will be surprise at how wide are the causes of weight gain apart from the foods you eat. Maybe you have been wondering why you are gaining weight faster than other people and yet you eat the same food as them. Perhaps, the problem does not lie in foods at all and there are other issues that cause weight gain. I have listed some common possibilities that can cause weight gain to some individuals.

First of all, take time to de-stress. This is in fact true because many people are eating a lot of food when they are under stress. Stress increases the cortisol and inflammatory hormones which will cause cravings in the body. Many people take this thing for granted and ignore the issue. Little did they know, it affects their health at some point and leads to weight gain. Try meditating every morning and unwind in order to help relieve stress.

Next, live a simple life. People who are known to be contented with life are happy people. When you are happy, you will feel more relax and calmer. When you feel loved and supported you might not necessarily need food to fill up the emptiness in your soul. This is also associated with stress and you will not likely to put yourself in the eating position.

Third, so you have some unsettled emotional issues? All of us have insecurities about our own bodies but never address the emotional issue to eating habit. Educate yourself more about “emotional obesity”. When you found out the real cause of your emotional problem, you will no longer look at the world in the same perspective.

Fourth, never forget to detoxify your body. It is a healthy and safe practice to cleanse your system from toxins. You will never know that the excess pounds of your body are the result of accumulated toxins in the storehouse. Detoxifying method flushes all the unnecessary liquids inside your body. You’ll be amazed at how effective it is to help you shed some pounds.

Fifth, get active. Whatever you eat in a day, make sure you are willing to burn the same calories with the ones you consumed. That way you don’t have to starve or suppress hunger. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take advantage on things that can help you burn more calories, take your dog for a walk on the beach or at the local park, bike your way off to the biking track and hiking with your group of friends and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Finally, get involve in cardio workouts. You don’t have to gain a six pack or an amazing biceps and triceps. As long as you are able to lose more calories, then you are good. Take cardio training and get yourself involve in intense or non-intense exercises. Take a sprint, go for a swim, join the tennis club, and sweat up in an aerobics class. These fun activities are good to keep your metabolism on track and burn more calories. What are you waiting for?

This tip on losing weight without changing the way you eat is not a step-by-step program. You can freely do anything you wish as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Listen to your physical, mental and emotional condition because if you take it lightly it can lead to weight gain and emotional problem. Keep in mind that the real key in weight loss is in our mind.