Best Weapons For FL4K in Borderlands 3 (2024)

Best Weapons For FL4K in Borderlands 3 (1)

Borderlands 3 - Best FL4K Weapons

FL4K the Beastmaster is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 3 and they have some unique skills in their arsenal that you can utilize when choosing which guns you should have in your load out. You can always rely on the S-Tier Loot in Borderlands 3, however, the game has a lot of Legendary Weapons but the items in this list are definitely a great fit for FLAK!

FL4K is great with any multi-projectile weapon. Torgue Sticky Shotguns are great fun but you can also use Jakobs Mashers. By combining Fade Away, HeadCount, and Megavore, you can do some serious damage but there are other top-tier FL4K builds.

Table of contents

  • Reflux
  • The Monarch
  • King and Queen’s Call
  • Hellwalker
  • Lightshow
  • Flipper
  • Skullmasher
  • Mitosis Hunter Seeker


The Reflux is a Hyperion Shotgun that has a high-capacity shield that will always deal Corrosive elemental damage. Damage to the weapon’s shield will return bullets to your magazine.

When shooting the Reflux it will create Corrosive beams between enemies that deal damage over time. This is not just great to deal damage but also to get your action skill back when using HeadCount and Megavore.

The Reflux isMayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary. You can get it fromGenIVIVwho is located in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6. M6 gear will also drop from the bosses in theGuardian Takedown.

The Monarch

The Monarch is is a Vladof Assault Rifle that shoots like a shotgun. It has a high magazine capacity and fire rate. With the Bipod Mode, it kinda functions likethe Dictatoras the pellet spread increases but you will move at a slower pace.

With its high fire rate, you are able to shred through bosses.

The Monarch isMayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary. You can get it fromKillavoltwho is located in Lectra City on Promethea. M6 gear will also drop from the bosses in theGuardian Takedown.

King and Queen’s Call

The King’s Call and the Queen’s Call are both very powerful Jakobs pistols that you can spam by forcing critical hits with the “Megavore” skill. Normally, you can shoot these guns twice before you need to reload. However, whenever you score a Critical Hit, you get your ammo back and the projectiles will to the nearest enemy, which includes the original target.

These legendary pistols will also restore a portion of your health when dealing damage. This is useful as FL4K is the Glass Cannon class.

The King’s Call and the Queen’s Call can both be obtained from any loot source but have a high chance of dropping fromTyreen the Destroyerwho is located in Destroyer’s Rift on Pandora.


The Hellwalker is a Jakobs Shotgun and it’s a beast. Get up close to an enemy and it will destroy anything in its path.

The Hellwalker can be randomly obtained from any loot source but it has a high chance of dropping fromRoad Dogwho is located in The Splinterlands on Pandora.


The Light Show is Vladof Pistol fires multiple projectiles that travel in a spinning circular pattern. It shreds through enemies.

The Light Show has an increased chance of dropping from Lasodactyl who is located in the Obsidian Forest on Gehenna. But this weapon can also ‘World Drop’ in the Bounty of Blood DLC.


The Flipper is a Maliwan SMG that takes the charge-up time to the next level. Because when firing this gun it starts shooting out 1 bullet but as you keep holding down the trigger the number of projectiles starts to increase. While the projectiles and therefore the damage continues to stack up, the amount of ammo consumption stays the same throughout the process.

The Flipper has an increased chance of dropping from Minosaur who is located in Bloodsun Canyon on Gehenna. But this weapon can also ‘World Drop’ in the Bounty of Blood DLC.


The Skullmasher is a Jakobs Sniper Rifle that fires a cluster of 5 bullets but will only cost 1 ammo per shot.

If all projectiles connect the Skullmasher is capable of much higher raw damage output than most of its peers. The Skullmacher tends to have a lower accuracy for sniper rifles, therefore, it’s best used at mid-range or against very large enemies. The fire rate of the Skullmasher is great.

The Skullmasher can be obtained from any boss in theGuns, Love, and Tentacles DLC. It has an increased chance of dropping from Eista who is located in Skittermaw Basin on Xylourgos.

Mitosis Hunter Seeker

The Hunter Seeker is an awesome legendary grenade mod for FL4K because this grenade will shoot bullets at its target. All these projectiles benefit from FL4K’s projectile buffs making them extremely powerful. On top of that, this grenade mod also benefits from the weapon you are currently holding. Meaning if you have a weapon that deals increased critical hit damage, your grenades will benefit from it.

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Best Weapons For FL4K in Borderlands 3 (2024)
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