Fallout 76: Follow These Tips To Help You Hit Your Daily Currency Cap Effortlessly! (2024)

In Fallout 76, Bottle Cap is a currency used to purchase items, fast travel, and trade. Players earn caps by completing tasks, killing enemies, or selling items to vendors and other players.

Since the game’s maximum daily storage limit for this currency is 1400 caps, any currency over the cap will be wasted. Caps farming has therefore been one of the challenging aspects of leveling up. But don’t worry, this guide will explain the simplest strategies and tips for collecting thousands of Bottle Caps quickly. Let’s get started quickly!

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Complete Mission

The first and easiest way is to play games. The game gives out dozens of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps every time you complete a mission. You’ll find this out early in the game.

But what’s less obvious is that when team members complete tasks, you also gain a small amount of cap. Even if you don’t do anything to help with the mission, it’s basically free money.

It’s worth noting that having a higher Charisma increases the reward by approximately +5% per base charisma point.

Additionally, you can also obtain these caps by killing enemies and finding Cap Stashes while exploring. Don’t forget there’s a Luck-based perk called Cap Collector, which with luck can increase the number of caps you find in Cap Stashes. But this is limited to Cap Stashes, so it’s only worth equipping it while exploring if you’re broke and desperately need caps.

Purified Water For Sale

Then, selling Purified Water is also one of the most reliable ways to get caps early. It’s not as useful as the crops that provide you with Adhesive and Food, but Purified Water is a better thing to have in your camp.

You’ll need to find plans at Overseer’s Caches at Camp McClintock and Capitol DMV. You’ll be sent there on a mission, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting Water Purifier early on.

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They must be installed in the water, and their appearance and operation will be very familiar to anyone who has played Fallout 4. One difference is that they produce a lot, but have very small storage limits, so you have to empty them regularly to maximize production.

You can also get a small purifier when attending events at the racetrack. It’s the only device that can be installed on an external water source, but it produces the least amount of water and isn’t very useful when you want to farm water for caps.

Another easy way to get Purified Water is to go to another player’s camp to get it. No one cares if you take some water from their purifier. However, anyone who does this will have a lock on their machine.

Farming Crops

As mentioned before, farming crop is also a reliable way to obtain small amounts of caps. I rarely bother cooking them before selling because you don’t get much more out of them than raw vegetables.

There are also a number of locations to the west of the map, such as Billings Homestead, where there are plenty of crops you can pick if you want cash. One tip here is if you have Green Thumb perk that doubles your harvest, equip it.

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Collect Meats

Additionally, you can obtain various types of meat through exploration and combat, so it should be fairly easy to earn Nutrition bonuses by eating meat. And any excess meat can be sold, and you’d be surprised how much money you can make just selling the cooked meat you get this way. And since most meat rots, you’re better off selling it.

If you want to find more sources of meat, public events are helpful for this, as they tend to throw enemies at you, and many of them are edible.

It’s not uncommon to get the bulk of your 1400 daily cap by selling meat after jamborie. And you can get even more by equipping Butcher’s Bounty perk under Perception.

Selling Excess Junk & Medicines

I believe that most players have had the experience of running out of inventory and stash space in the early days because of the continued excess of junk. So don’t be afraid to sell most of them.

You don’t need to keep every type of material in inventory. Keep one to two hundred at most and sell the rest. You have to sell zero-value items in bulk to maximize your profits, because higher-value items will sell for more.

It’s a similar situation with Medicines, you don’t need hundreds of each. I usually sell Rad-X, RadAway, and Stimpaks in that order. Radiation protection and curing are not an issue for me since I have Power Armor and other gear to minimize radiation.

I’ll keep about 20 of them and sell the rest if the supplier wants to. I currently have over 400 Stimpaks in my inventory because every time I play, I get more than I can sell.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to sell excess Grenades. You won’t be restricted too much, but they are a bit heavy, so to free up inventory space, this is a good idea.

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Sell The Right Items In The Suitable Place

Something to remember is that items for sale take up storage space. So I would suggest that you’d better stick to selling light items. The game will give you a suggested price, and most players will sell for a quarter or half the price if they want to earn the daily cap.

How much money you make depends entirely on how many players come to your camp, so setting up somewhere with high traffic is a good idea. The same goes for having a lot of items, players will be drawn to check out camp with lots of plans.

Reaching the income cap in Fallout 76 isn’t too difficult once you’ve played the game for a while. Because just playing the game will net you enough Bottle Caps, as long as you don’t spend it like there’s no tomorrow. But you can also take steps to maximize your gains through cooking and farming, and find things to buy to stay under the cap.

Fallout 76: Follow These Tips To Help You Hit Your Daily Currency Cap Effortlessly! (2024)
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