104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (2024)

Not all real estate investor keywords are worth going after. Some keywords rank better than others to attract motivated sellers to your real estate investor websites. Some keywords attract tire kickers and leads who waste your time getting full retail prices. They are looking to get the most cash for their property and aren’t going to listen to your offers.

In this post, we will show you how to find the right keywords to go after to rank your website. Lets being.

The different types of real estate investor keywords

If you are familiar with SEO you know that not all keywords are created the same. Some keywords are harder to rank for and will bring more traffic to your website.

Some keywords are easier to rank for but don’t bring as much traffic. But that isn’t to say they aren’t worth going after.

For example, one of my Carrot seller sites, housebuyerdeals.com goes after a smaller market. So phrases like “sell my house fast Roseburg” are easier to rank for but I don’t see a ton of clicks from it.

As with anything in life we are looking for quality of keywords, not quantity.

The biggest thing you should look for when selecting is the intent.

Targeted Motivated Seller Keywords

A targeted keyword is one that is going after a motivated seller in a very specific situation. You know that if they search for that particular keyword the chances of them being motivated to sell their house is higher.

Here are some examples…

  • “Sell my inherited house fast”
  • How to stop foreclosure
  • Sell my house from divorce

Generally speaking, these keywords are harder to rank for because they have a lot of competition from other investors.

The best way to rank for these keywords is to have 1 page on your website that is optimized for the keyword and then build backlinks to the page.

General Motivated Seller Keywords

There are keywords that are broad and generalized to leads who might be looking to sell their house the non-traditional way (with the help of an investor). You must be careful to not target keywords that retail house buyers would be searching.

Here is an example

Good general motivated seller keyword: “Sell my house fast Portland Oregon

Bad general motivated seller keyword: “Sell my house Portland Oregon

The difference between the two keywords is the word “fast”. This shows the motivation the seller has to sell their house and that they have a need outside what a traditional real estate agent can provide.

Another example of these types of keywords are

  • “Sell my house fast without an agent”
  • “Sell my home fast”
  • “Cash for houses”
  • “How do I sell my home quickly”

These keywords are similar to the targeted ones because there will be a lot of competition from other investors so it can be hard to rank for them.

Bonus Tip: when trying to rank for targeted and general keywords always include a location in your optimization strategy. Giving Google and the lead this information can help your rankings big time. For instance, instead of targeting “sell my house fast” you should target “sell my house fast Denver”.

Long Tail Real Estate Investor Keywords

The final type of keywords are long-tail keywords. This is by far one of my favorite keywords to try and rank for.

Long tail keywords just mean they are usually conversational keywords. They are what a user might actually type in when thinking of their problem.

For example: “How do I sell a house I inherited but I live out of state”.

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (1)

I love long tail keywords because you can get a better sense of the issue the lead is going through when they type in exactly what they are thinking.

Generally speaking, long tail keywords are much easier to rank for. If you are in a market with less than 100,000 people you can rank on the first page in a matter of weeks to months for a long tail keyword (if your page is SEO’d properly).

The biggest drawback to long tail keywords is you won’t get as much traffic from them because it takes a certain type of lead to type in the longer keyword.

But again, remember what I said about quality, not quantity.

You might own the number one ranking for “we buy houses” and get 1,000 clicks a month from it. But if 10 people opt-in as leads you are at a 1% conversion rate.

If you have 10 people a month come from a long tail keyword and 1 turns into a lead you are at a 10% conversion rate.

So it really just comes down to the math. You have to find a long tail keyword that shows a lead has a problem and is looking for a solution. If you can provide a page that answers that for them you should be able to get Google to rank it for you. The result is of course FREE traffic.

Which “Motivated Seller” Keywords Should I Target?

I never try and rank more than 3-5 keywords at a time so I can stay focused and know that my content and link building is going towards a strategic goal. We have to remember that not all keywords are created equal.

With that being said, here is a list of motivated seller keywords and their average search volume. This list is a little different than what most digital marketing blogs relating to real estate investing will show you.

I tend to exclude the common terms like “we buy houses” because I think investors search those terms more than actual leads. I look for keywords that are intent based. I would rather rank for “how do I sell MY house” than “how to sell YOUR house”.I can see the lead using MY vs YOUR any day of the week.

How to use this list

You will want to find a couple of keywords with avg. monthly search in the 1K+ range and the competition below .70. Pick a handful and write a single page or post on your website optimized for that keyword.

The suggested bid is for paid keywords so it may or may not apply to your marketing strategy.

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volumeCompetitionTop of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)
how to sell my house fast1001,000High$9.03$70.25
how to sell my house without an agent10100High$20.00$63.75
sell my house fast1,00010,000High$19.00$68.82
can t sell my house10100High$10.00$50.00
sell my house fast for cash1,00010,000High$12.50$70.00
how to sell a house fast1,00010,000High$6.88$54.59
sell my home fast1001,000High$17.21$71.50
need to sell my house fast1001,000High$16.38$64.17
how to sell a house without a realtor1001,000High$4.05$32.67
how to sell your house without a realtor1001,000High$5.00$37.02
how to sell your house in 5 days1001,000High$8.11$41.25
sell my house for cash1001,000High$15.08$71.27
sell house for cash1001,000High$14.57$62.09
sell my house quickly1001,000Medium$18.87$70.94
sell house quickly1001,000High$10.76$59.75
buyers or sellers market1001,000Low$1.29$22.28
how to sell your home without a realtor1001,000High$4.61$35.23
how to sell a house quickly1001,000High$7.52$50.00
how to get a house ready to sell quickly1001,000Medium$5.00$33.80
sell your house for cash1001,000High$13.37$62.75
selling a house to a cash buyer1001,000High$12.50$55.00
why wont my house sell1001,000Medium$7.16$41.70
how to sell my house without a realtor1001,000High$6.90$49.60
quickest way to sell a house1001,000High$6.39$47.91
how to sell a house fast in a slow market1001,000High$9.92$44.53
sell my home for cash1001,000High$14.00$66.01
sell house fast for cash1001,000High$13.11$63.72
house buyers near me1001,000High$3.00$20.00
how can i sell my house fast1001,000High$10.69$73.00
how do i sell my house without a realtor1001,000High$6.85$43.70
cash home buyers near me1001,000High$7.00$50.77
how to sell a house without an agent10100High$4.13$28.00
need to sell a house fast1001,000High$8.33$56.20
sell house cash10100High$6.27$58.50
i need to sell my house fast10100High$24.44$68.04
how to sell my house quickly for a good price10100High$14.33$70.85
buyers and sellers market10100Low$1.02$5.66
when does the seller receive money from buyer10100Low$7.82$32.94
i want to sell my house fast10100High$25.79$60.37
fastest way to sell a house10100Medium$6.56$66.84
how do you sell a house without a realtor10100High$3.00$27.14
how fast are homes selling in my area10100Medium$4.59$24.67
sell my house fast richardson10100High$50.00$100.00
multiple offers on a house seller10100Low$13.04$35.00
sell my home quickly10100Medium$25.00$79.58
how to sell home quickly10100High$10.00$53.75
can i sell my house after only 2 years10100Medium$19.50$58.99
sell my house today10100High$11.82$61.53
how to sell your house quickly in this market10100High$8.75$37.31
how to sell my home fast10100High$9.71$60.14
how to sell my house quickly10100High$12.24$50.05
how to sell your house without an agent10100High$13.00$50.00
how fast are houses selling in my area10100High$6.03$36.16
sale my house fast10100High$19.00$72.00
i need to sell my house now10100High$5.50$54.90
how to sell my home without a realtor10100High$6.18$48.45
how can i sell my house quickly10100High$14.00$59.69
fastest way to sell a home10100High$5.67$48.29
how fast can you sell a house10100High$15.33$57.30
i want to sell my house for cash10100High$13.71$73.50
sell my property fast10100High$7.82$49.06
sell quick for cash10100High$5.89$30.29
sell my house for cash now10100High$15.22$93.61
sell my house for cash today10100High$19.51$69.00
how do i sell my house fast10100High$10.00$63.89
i want to sell my property fast10100High$9.66$49.04
best way to sell a house quickly10100High$5.18$40.00
sell my home fast for cash10100High$15.10$61.87
how to sell a house without a real estate agent10100High$2.65$21.05
how to sell an old house fast10100High$3.78$34.78
how fast will my house sell10100High$16.50$73.89
sale your house fast10100High$5.13$39.95
how to sell a house that needs work fast10100High$3.52$34.33
how can i sell my house without a realtor10100High$4.68$48.59
quick house buyers10100High$20.00$68.00
how to get your house sold quickly10100High$3.04$25.29
what to do when you sell your house10100Medium$8.26$50.00
sell my ugly house10100High$9.92$50.00
best way to sell house fast10100High$4.60$40.50
sell property quickly10100High$5.23$41.70
how to sell my house fast for cash10100Medium$17.35$84.50
sale my house for cash10100High$14.78$71.14
how do you sell your house without a realtor10100Medium$2.82$33.81
how to sell a fixer upper house fast10100High$5.00$45.00
how to sell a house for cash10100High$7.51$48.77
how do i sell my home without a realtor10100High$3.81$35.80
how fast can i sell my home10100High$8.02$54.86
i want to sell my house quickly10100Medium$11.79$56.31
how quickly are houses selling in my area10100High$9.10$36.75
sell my home today10100High$24.00$66.81
want to sell my house quickly10100High$31.07$64.28
how quickly are homes selling in my area10100Medium$3.23$13.78
help me sell my house fast10100High$10.17$46.39
how to sell your house fast with a realtor10100High$12.45$52.23
how to sell your house without an estate agent10100High
how can i sell my home without a realtor10100High$11.36$43.63
sell my property quickly10100Medium
why wont my house sell 201810100High$16.53$36.00
how to sell my house for cash10100High$7.14$57.74
quickest way to sell a home10100High$3.50$41.50
how to sell a house quickly tips10100High$2.86$16.19
need to sell house quickly10100High$14.71$72.00
will my house ever sell10100Medium$18.28$47.60
sell my ugly house fast10100High$7.59$59.57
need to sell my home fast10100High$18.94$56.69
what to do if your house is not selling10100High$4.00$30.00
how do i sell my house without an agent10100High$26.85$60.00
how to sale my house fast10100High$11.50$50.00
how to do a quick sale on your house10100High$4.06$43.00
i want to sell my home fast10100High$17.68$63.00
how to sell quickly10100Medium$3.89$30.83
how to sell a townhouse quickly10100High$3.00$29.40
how to sell a property quickly10100Medium$5.56$51.89
sell house quick for cash10100High$7.98$50.00
what to do when buyer pulls out of house sale10100Low
want to sell my house fast10100High$6.50$75.00
i need to sell my house quickly10100High$24.51$72.00
how quickly will my house sell10100High$18.75$50.90
how to sell my home quickly10100High$7.91$69.11
how to sale your home without a realtor10100High$3.31$29.94
how to sell your own house without a realtor10100High$2.82$27.08
how to sell my property fast10100High$19.88$49.63
need to sell my house quick10100High$25.09$77.00
what to do when your house is not selling10100Medium$3.65$29.75
fastest way to sell my house10100High$7.00$45.62
find a buyer for my house10100High$10.75$50.00
how does seller get paid at closing10100Low
selling in a buyers market10100Low
i have a realtor but i found the buyer10100Low
should i have a realtor when buying a home10100Low$1.95$22.40
ways to sell your home fast10100High$6.06$56.53
what to do if you want to sell your house10100Medium$3.72$40.00
sell now home buyers10100High$30.00$67.39
how to sell a house quickly in a buyers market10100High$10.20$44.01
how to sale your house without a realtor10100High$3.77$41.25
how do i sell a house without a realtor10100High$2.82$19.70
sellers market or buyers market 201810100Low
quickest way to sell my house10100Medium
sell your home fast for cash10100High$14.47$74.64
i need to sell my home fast10100High$11.83$74.82
cash buy houses for sale10100High$10.71$43.22
multiple offers on house seller10100Medium
how to get your house sold fast10100High$3.50$20.00
how to make your house sell quickly10100Medium$3.60$43.70
how fast do houses sell in my area10100High$3.38$34.44
how do i sell my house quickly10100High$12.54$41.33
first buyer homes for sale10100High
should i have my own realtor when buying a house10100Low
what to do if house is not selling10100Medium$5.37$26.40
i need to sell my house as is10100High$11.44$70.89
first time home buyer selling early10100Low$2.95$18.18
im selling my house what do i need to know10100High$7.64$43.00
best way to sell a home fast10100High$14.68$47.36
how to sell my house without a real estate agent10100High$11.30$55.00
is it a buyers market or a seller’s market10100Low
best way to sell your home fast10100High$31.58$58.14
house quick sell10100Medium$8.42$38.09
quickest way to sell your home10100High$6.25$45.73
how do i sell my house without an estate agent10100High$15.09$53.85
buyers or sellers market now10100Low
seller negotiation tactics10100Medium
want to sell my house for cash10100High$11.97$30.00
how do i sell my own home without a realtor10100High$5.04$36.30
selling home to fha buyer10100Low$11.70$31.95
how fast will my home sell10100High$30.00$60.00
sell your home quickly for cash10100High$7.70$42.44
how to sell your own home fast10100Medium
how to sell in a buyers market10100Low
selling home to cash buyer10100High$14.49$61.65
sell my property for cash10100Medium$4.70$54.00
get cash for my house10100Medium$51.60$92.60
how to make my house sell faster10100High$2.82$32.60
i want to sale my house fast10100High$30.00$72.05
how to sell a house without an estate agent10100High
how to sell your property fast10100High$4.89$51.02
how can i sell my house fast without a realtor10100Medium
why wont my home sell10100Medium$3.16$35.00
who buys houses quickly10100High$6.98$50.00
how to sell your home quickly in a slow market10100High$4.00$36.00
how to list my house on mls without a realtor10100High$6.55$28.05
having a house appraised before buying10100Medium$1.61$4.81
sell your house any condition10100High
should you have a realtor when buying a home10100Low
how to sell my home without an agent10100High$5.71$40.00

Download 184 Keywords

How to perform real estate investor keyword research

Don’t take my word for it. I will show you exactly how I came about this list and teach you how to create it yourself.

There are a ton of services out there that will show you keyword predictions. But I ALWAYS start with the source of all the data (Google).

Google will force you to create a Google Ads account before you can use the tools. Don’t worry (it won’t charge you).

Step-1: Log in and visit the keyword planner tool.

Step-2: Choose “Find keywords” or “Get search volume and forecasts”

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (2)

Not sure which to choose? Pick find keywords if you aren’t sure which keywords you should be targeting (this is what I use 80% of the time). Choose Get search volume in forecasts if you have a couple keywords that are closely related and you want to see which one will win.

Step-3: Type in a general keyword to start getting some data

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (3)

This is what you are going to use to seed Google with some data. You are telling Google you want a list of related keywords around this topic.

Pro-tip: Don’t use a location like your city as it will narrow down the results

Step-4: Start analyzing real estate investor keywords

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (4)

Now the fun begins. Scroll through this list of keywords and start picking ones that meet your criteria. You are looking for the following

  • Avg. monthly searches in the 1k range
  • Competition is medium to high
  • Top of page bid is whatever you can afford

Save those keywords in a list somewhere and start picking the 2-3 you want to start to try and rank for.

Optional Step-5: If you have an idea around two closely related keywords

You have two options when using the Keyword Planner tool. If you choose the “Get search volume and forecasts” you can see how the two keywords stack up against each other.

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (5)

Once you put in the keywords you will get a competitive analysis and it should become clear which keyword to go after.

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (6)

From this example, the “sell my house fast” keyword gets more clicks and more impressions.

The Google Suggest Hack

Google gives us more data than what is in the keyword planner tool. Nearly every time you do a keyword search you can scroll to the bottom of the results and Google will tell you which keywords are closely related.

These are what I like to use for my LSI keywords. If you are struggling to rank for a keyword you can get some ideas of long tail or localized keywords at the bottom of the page.

Check out the gif below to find some Google suggests keywords.

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (7)

Other Services For Keyword Research For Real Estate Investors

Like I mentioned above, there are a ton of tools that do the same thing I just showed you with Google Keyword Planner.

I will list a bunch of my favorite tools for doing some competitive keyword research.


Ubbersuggest was purchased by Neil Patel and completely redone. It’s a much better tool then it was before. You can use negative keywords (words you want to exclude) and get the same data as Keyword Planner.

For some investors, this interface is cleaner and easier to understand.


Just like the rest.

I wouldn’t opt into their demo or anything. Their sales team is pretty aggressive.


This is a great tool to find closely related and local keyword search data. I like how you can look within YouTube data as well.

I could list a lot more options but I haven’t used many outside of these 4.

Wrapping It Up

Keyword research is really that simple.

The hardest part about keyword research for real estate investors is picking a keyword and staying focused on doing everything you can to optimize it. Investors (and entrepreneurs in general) get shiny object syndrome and get it in their head that there is something better out there.

What I find works for me is to do a bunch of keyword research until I feel confident in my research. To me, confidence is I have a clear strategy for how I am going to rank for that keyword and how I can beat the competition. If I am unsure, I will likely find a different keyword.

Once you have your keywords picked out it’s time to optimize your pages for them. Go here to learn everything you need to know about on-page SEO.

Download 184 Keywords

I am an expert in real estate investing with a deep understanding of effective keyword strategies to attract motivated sellers. My expertise is grounded in hands-on experience and a comprehensive knowledge of SEO practices in the real estate industry.

Now, let's delve into the concepts discussed in the provided article about real estate investor keywords:

  1. Types of Real Estate Investor Keywords:

    • Targeted Motivated Seller Keywords:
      • Examples: "Sell my inherited house fast," "How to stop foreclosure," "Sell my house from divorce."
      • Characteristics: Specific situations indicating high motivation to sell.
      • Strategy: Optimization of a dedicated page with backlinks.
    • General Motivated Seller Keywords:
      • Example: "Sell my house fast Portland Oregon."
      • Characteristics: Broad, non-traditional selling, with focus keywords indicating urgency.
      • Caution: Avoid targeting keywords that retail house buyers might search.
  2. Long Tail Real Estate Investor Keywords:

    • Definition: Conversational and specific keywords reflecting user problems.
    • Advantage: Easier to rank for, providing insights into the lead's situation.
    • Consideration: While traffic may be lower, quality leads with specific issues are targeted.
  3. Selecting Motivated Seller Keywords:

    • Recommendation: Focus on 3-5 keywords at a time for strategic content and link building.
    • Exclusion: Avoid common terms like "we buy houses," targeting intent-based keywords.
    • Emphasis: Prioritize keywords with average monthly searches in the 1K+ range and competition below .70.
  4. Keyword List and Metrics:

    • Provided List: Includes keywords, minimum and maximum search volume, competition, and top of page bid.
    • Emphasis: Intent-based keywords are preferred over generic terms.
  5. Performing Real Estate Investor Keyword Research:

    • Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool: Essential for initial keyword research.
    • Steps: Log in, choose "Find keywords" or "Get search volume," type in a general keyword, analyze results.
    • Criteria: Focus on keywords with 1K+ monthly searches, medium to high competition, and affordable top of page bid.
    • Additional Step: Use the Google Suggest feature at the bottom of search results for related keywords.
  6. Other Services for Keyword Research:

    • Mentioned Tools: Ubbersuggest, WordStream, KeywordTool.io.
    • Purpose: Competitive keyword research, negative keyword usage, and exploring closely related and local search data.
  7. Conclusion:

    • Keyword Research Simplified: The key is to choose a keyword, stay focused, and optimize pages strategically.
    • Warning: Beware of "shiny object syndrome" and stay confident in your chosen keyword strategy.

In conclusion, effective real estate investor keyword research involves a strategic selection of targeted, general, and long-tail keywords, utilizing tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and other services to optimize content for high-quality leads.

104+ Real Estate Investor Keywords For Motivated Seller Leads (2024)
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