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Online Court Resources

Resources for the White Plains City Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Westchester County, New York, and resources applicable to all courts inNew York.

Search court case records

Criminal Case Records

Search criminal case records by case or summons number, defendant name, and county. Information is available for all criminal courts in New York City, some County Courts, and many City Courts. A link to a mobile version is provided.

Criminal History Records

View information about requesting criminal history records, including an application form, filing and pickup instructions, contacts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Electronic Case Record Tracking

Register for free e-mail notification of activity in cases you select to be tracked. Service is availble for Supreme Court civil cases in all counties, some local civil courts, and criminal cases in 13 counties.

Local Civil Court Case Records

Search civil court case records for all New York City Civil Courts, all Nassau and Suffolk County District Courts, and most local city courts by index number, party name, attorney name, or judge name.

Case Records Requests

View information on requesting case records from the court clerk, including fees for copies, inspection for free at the clerk's office, and trial transcripts.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Criminal Court Calendars

Search criminal court calendars by court location, date, and court part or judge's last name. Information is available for all criminal courts in New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, some County Courts, and many City Courts. Only those cases with pending future appearances dates are included. A link to a mobile version is provided.

Local Civil Court Calendars

Search civil court calendars for all New York City Civil Courts, all Nassau and Suffolk County District Courts, and most local city courts by court, part or judge, and date range.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Legal Opinions

Search New York Attorney General legal opinions from 1995 to current.

New York State Trial Court Decisions

View published New York State trial court opinions by date and case name; or search opinions and motions by name, decision date, court, docket number, judge, citation, or keyword. Not all trial court decisions are published.

Forms and related information

Online Forms and Filing Fee Information

View and download forms and view filing fees for various courts. Forms for statewide use include Family Court, Domestic Violence, Surrogate's Court, Divorce, Criminal, and various general and procedural forms. Some local court forms are included.

Do-It-Yourself Forms

Use an interactive computer program to fill out forms for use in various courts. Forms are organized by case type, program/form name, and court.

Online fine payments

Pay City of White Plains Parking Tickets

Pay City of White Plains parking tickets online. A fee applies.

Pay Child Support

Pay New York child support payments online. A fee applies.

Self help, legal research, general information

Westchester County Criminal Procedure

The Westchester County District Attorney offers answers to frequently asked questions about criminal procedure, including types of offenses and courts, arraignment, bail, grand jury, pleas, motions, trials, verdicts, and sentencing.

Westchester County Supreme Court Law Library

View information about the Westchester Supreme Court Law Library, including location, hours of operation, and available services.

9th Judicial District Court Help Center

View information about the 9th Judicial District Court Help Center, which provides procedural help, forms, and information for parties without a lawyer in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester Counties.

Family Violence Information and Resources

View information about family violence cases and specialized courts, with links to resources for victims of domestic violence and elder abuse. For locations and contact information for Domestic Violence, Integrated Domestic Violence, and Youthful Offender Domestic Violence Courts, hover your cursor over the "Domestic Violence/Integrated Domestic Violence" menu item on the left side of the page and select "Court Locations" from the drop-down menu.

Foreclosure Information

View information about foreclosure settlement conferences and other resources for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Orders of Protection

View information about Orders of Protection, which can help keep someone from harming you. Includes the difference between Supreme Court, Family Court, and criminal courts Orders of Protection, what you can do if someone violates an Order of Protection, and additional information about Domestic Violence.

Problem Solving Courts

View information about Drug Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, Sex Offense Courts, Veterans Courts, Community Courts, and Adolescent Diversion Parts, which can set up treatment programs, monitoring, and access to services in lieu of incarceration for some offenders.

Rural Legal Resources

The Rural Law Center provides self-help guides, forms, and samples geared toward low-income rural residents. Topics include going to court, service of court papers, small claims, family matters, housing, and mediation.

Small Claims Guide

View and download a handbook on small claims cases in City, Town, and Village Courts.

Tenants' Rights

The New York Office of the Attorney General offers a downloadable publication about tenants' rights in English and Spanish.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution provides a list of alternative dispute resolution court based programs, information about ADR, and links to private ADR organizations and other resources.

Child Support Services

The New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement offers information and services related to child support, including paternity establishment and enforcement of child support orders.

Definitions of Common Legal Terms

View a glossary of general legal and divorce terms.

Law Library Information

View locations of county law libraries, library services including an online catalog of trial court law libraries, glossaries of legal terms, document request, and links to additional online resources.

Legal Information and Legal Resources

Legal information is organized by topic and includes Housing, Landlord-Tenant, Family, Child Support, Juvenile, Consumer, Probate, Individual Rights, and other legal issues. Legal resources include information about the courts and community services.

Legal Publications

View and download publications and videos about various legal topics, including alternative dispute resolution, courts, family law, housing issues, self-representation, and many others.

New York Laws

Search and browse the laws of New York State: Consolidated Laws, Unconsolidated Laws, Court Acts, Senate and Assembly Rules, the Constitution of New York, and the New York City Charter and Administrative Code.

Self-Help Legal Information

View information about going to court, the court system, how to get help, how to find the correct court, information about various legal topics, a court locator, a glossary of legal terms, a link to forms, and locations of local help centers.

Traffic Ticket and Motor Vehicle Information

View information from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles about driver licensing, registration, insurance, and driving records. Click "TICKETS, POINTS & PENALTIES" near the middle of the menu bar for detailed information about traffic tickets, including online fine payment and pleas, points, penalties, license suspensions, parking tickets, and the Point and Insurance Reduction Program that allows some offenders to reduce points and insurance premiums by taking a classroom or online safe driving course.

Trial Court Rules

View the Uniform Rules for New York State Trial Courts by court type and topic.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Westchester County Lawyer Fee Disputes

The Westchester County Bar Association offers information about its attorney-client economic dispute and fee dispute arbitration programs. Scroll down the page for links to the programs.

Westchester County Lawyer Referral

The Westchester County Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service by telephone or email, which includes an initial consultation with a lawyer for a nominal fee.

9th Judicial District Lawyer Complaints

View instructions for filing a complaint about a lawyer for misconduct with the Grievance Committee of the 9th Judicial District, covering Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester Counties.

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Contact Legal Services of the Hudson Valley for free civil legal help for low-income residents of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester Counties.

New York Legal Assistance Group

Contact the New York Legal Assistance Group for free civil legal help for low-income residents of New York City and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties.

Consumer Protection

The New York Office of the Attorney General offers information about consumer frauds including auto, computer, credit, foreclosure, identity theft, investing and more. Tips to avoid fraud, a consumer hotline, instructions for filing complaints and complaint forms are included. Links are in the right column.

Rural Law Center Legal Help

View contact information for the Rural Law Center, or complete and submit an online form, to request legal assistance for low-income rural residents.

Find Free Legal Assistance

Search a directory of organizations offering free legal services to eligible clients by location and legal issue.

Information about Attorneys

View information about client rights and responsibilities, the Attorney Grievance Committee, and the Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program.

New York State Attorney Search

Search for a lawyer in New York State by name.

New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral

The New York State Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service by telephone, which includes an initial consultation with a lawyer. Referral is free; a nominal fee is charged for the consultation for most types of cases, although it is free for certain types of cases. The service includes most counties; contacts and links to services in the remaining counties are provided.

New York State Public Defenders and Family Court Parent Representatives

View a list of all Public Defender offices by county, and Family Court parent representatives, provided by the New York State Defenders Association.

Women Lawyers

View a directory of Women's Bar Association of New York members.


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