24 Dec

Get to know yourself and tell if you are Really Hungry

1-(5)Telling whether you are hungry or not is easy but how can you tell if you are actually hungry or your mind is fooling you? Paying attention to what your brain needs can help you eat more effectively and it is actually good for you. Mindful snacking can help fight against hunger and it can help improve the metabolism but if you are over snacking, it will surely make you gain some weight. So, how do you assess yourself when it comes to cravings? Keep reading!

EATING SENSIBLY. Eating sensibly allow you to eat with intention – to fill your body with energy. Eating sensibly helps you become aware of being really hungry or just obsessing over the food. Do not be distracted or tempted with some unhealthy foods. Open your mind and rethink before you eat.

ASK QUESTIONS. “Am I really hungry?” “How hungry am I?” Assess yourself as to why you want to eat. The same thing goes for a car that has run out of fuel. You don’t stop at every gas station to check if your fuel is low. The car will show that it has run out of fuel. “Is there any symptoms of hunger?” These simple questions are good to help you connect with your sensibility.

FIND THE CAUSE. What causes you to crave more foods? Some people admit that by looking at people who are eating it makes them want to eat the same thing. Others also think that watching TV, playing video games or just by looking at foods cause them to crave more foods. Do not reward yourself with foods if you have been through a stressful day because eating that does not came from hunger will not satisfy you. It is important to understand how you respond in certain situation so that you can control what you eat.

GIVE TIME. When you feel like you want to eat something, wait until 15 minutes or more. You can tell if you are really hungry because the more you wait, the more your stomach will grumble. So if you are unsure about your feeling, give yourself some time to understand the situation. You can also test your hunger by distracting yourself. If you are really hungry, your body will be less energetic and might need some rest. You will definitely know it.

RECORD WHAT YOU EAT. Maybe not exactly in pen and paper, you can record it in your mind about what you have eaten prior to feeling hungry. When was the last time you eat something? Is it wise to eat immediate after an hour from the last time you eat? You know the answer. To avoid the unnecessary cravings, drink a lot of water or lemon juice instead to fill up your stomach and keep hydrated.

THE SIGNS. What if you are feeling really hungry but could not tell if your body really needs foods or just fooling you? Here are the warning signs that your body is low in energy:

  • Weak
  • Shaky
  • Fatigue
  • Emotionally exhausted
  • Easily irritated
  • Moody
  • Quick tempered
  • And more.

When these signs occur, go and grab some foods. Opt for light snack so that your stomach will not be in shock when you immediately consume big portion of foods. Soup, salad, fruits and the like are the ideal food to fight hunger.

FIND YOUR NEEDS. Sometimes we may not understand what we are feeling and solve it through eating. Try to get out from your house and have a short walk outside the park to relieve stress and think about the issues you are facing. Perhaps you just miss someone that is far from you, instead of suppressing your emotion and eat, try to give the person a call and tell them you are thinking about them. When you found out the real issues that you have to deal with, you will no fool yourself with hunger.

REMIND YOURSELF THE CONSEQUENCE. We can’t avoid that sometimes we surrender to our cravings and eat whatever we wanted to eat. Here’s the catch, whenever we eat remind ourselves what will happen next. Does satisfying your emotional hunger worth every calorie you consumed? Are you willing to burn the same amount of calories with the one you just consumed? Eating emotionally can make you feel good for a short time but it will not last. You might end up feeling disappointed, bloated and miserable. Remind yourself the consequences are not worth it.

I have been in the journey where I have to assess if I am really hungry and still struggling until now. What you should do is to believe in yourself. Take control and be responsible to what you consumed. It is all happening inside your mind. What we need is the courage to overcome them.